45UV5-1009 Flame Detector

Manufacturer: Fireye


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1″ NPT Self-Check Ultra-Violet Flame Scanner with 8 Ft. Leads (120V)

Fireye type 45UV5 scanners are self-checking, flame sensing devices. When powered by a compatible, self-checking Fireye control, the scanners detect the presence or absence of flames which emit ultraviolet radiation (UV). Typical fossil fuels which emit UV include natural gas, propane, methane, butane, kerosene, light petroleum distillates and diesel fuels. For burners firing steam-atomized oil or pulverized coal, Fireye recommends the use of infrared (IR) scanners.

When used with a Fireye amplifier, the 45UV5 scanner provides flame failure protectino on single and multi-birner industrial applications such as electric utility boilers, power boilers and large furnaces or incinerators. The 45UV5 scanner monitors the flame(s) of only one burner. The pilot and main flames may be monitored individually (2 scanners) or in combination (1 scanner). When properly sighted, the scanner should discriminate between the burner being monitored and all other burners and any background flames.

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