RA890G1286 Burner Control

Manufacturer: Honeywell


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Primary control provides solid state, electronic flame safeguard protection for industrial and commercial single or dual fuel burners applications using Ultraviolet flame detectors.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 7 in


Product Family



Either a line or low voltage controller can be used

Feature 1

Design for interrupted ignition with intermittent pilot on gas burners, and interrupted or intermittent ignition on oil burners.

Feature 2

Use with a C7027, C7035 or C7044 Minipeeper Ultraviolet Flame Detector for flame sensing.

Feature 3

Recycles if flame signal lost while in Run. Failure to establish pilot results in a lockout.

Feature 4

Safe-start check prevents start-up if flame-simulating failure occurs in flame detector circuit.

Feature 5

Includes SPDT alarm contacts.

Feature 6

Solid state circuitry, eliminates warm-up and increases resistance to vibration.

Feature 7

Mounts and removes easily through use of captive mounting screws.

Feature 8

Mounting base is made of strong thermoplastic.

Safety Switch Timing

15 seconds

Alarm Relay Switching


Flame Failure Response Time sec

3.0 sec


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