RM7824A1006 Burner Control

Manufacturer: Honeywell

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24 Vdc microprocessor-based integrated burner control for automatically fired gas, oil or combination fuel single burner applications. Provides level of safety, functional capability and features beyond the capacity of conventional controls.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 12.5 in


Product Family



Primary Control 24 Vdc

Feature 1

For use with R7824C Amplifier with C7024E,F Flame Detectors; R7848A,B with C7015A Flame Detectors; R7851B with C7927, C7962 Flame Detectors; or R7852A,B with C7915 Flame Detectors.

Feature 2

Functions include automatic burner sequencing, flame supervision, system status indication, system or self diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Feature 3

Five LEDs provide sequence information.

Feature 4

Selectable recycle or lockout on loss of flame.

Feature 5

Shutter drive output for use with dynamic self-check flame detectors.

Feature 6

Access for external electrical voltage checks.

Feature 7

Plug-in flame amplifier.

Feature 8

Nonvolatile memory retains history files and lockout status after loss of power.

Flame Establishing Period - Pilot

4 sec or 10 sec

Flame Establishing Period - Main


Pilot Type



24 Vdc (+10, -15%)

Required Components

Q7800A,B Universal Wiring Subbases. R7824 or R7848 Flame Signal Amplifier.


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