UV1A6 Flame Detector

Manufacturer: Fireye


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The UV1A6 Scanner is used with the M-Series, M-Series II, MicroM, FlameWorx, MB-2 and D-Series controls as well as the Fireye FLAME-MONITORTM, BurnerLogix and Nexus System.

The UV1A3/6 scanners come with 3 ft. and 6 ft. cables rated for Tray Cable – Exposed Run (TC-ER) and complies with the crush and impact requirements of the standard for metal clad cable, UL 1569. The UV2 (36 inch) and UV2A6 (72 inch) are fitted with a 3/8” NPT female to 1/2” NPT male adapter fitted into the 1/2” threaded coupling of the UV1A3/6 respectively. The UV90-3/6/9 is available with 3 ft., 6 ft. and 9 ft. shielded flexible cables.

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